Snap peas are here!

Snap peas are here but the snap peas you get in our stand look much different while growing. In the pictures below are the plants of the snap peas. Each flower you see in the picture will hopefully pollinate and turn into a full grown snap pea. So is a snap pea a fruit or vegetable? If you said vegetable….. you would be wrong. It’s actually a fruit. The easy way to remember what is a fruit is if it comes from a flower and has seeds, its considered a fruit.

Snap peas are a great snack to eat raw. Kids like snap peas because they are crunchy and have a sweet flavor. If you haven’t tried our snap peas you’re missing out!

Strawberries, rain and birds!

The Strawberry plants are starting to produce but with the all the cold weather, rain and birds it’s very hard to find some ripe red strawberries on the vine. If you look closely at the Strawberries below do you notice something different? Most of the seeds have been picked out by the birds. After this happens the strawberry usually shrivels up or if rain hits it, it splits open and rots.

When rain is in the forecast, we usually try to pick off all the ripe or almost ripe strawberries. If you leave you leave ripe strawberries on the plants when it rains, you will most likely lose all of them due to damage. The skin of the strawberry is so fragile that when rain hits it, it will break open or mold will start to form.

The cold weather doesn’t help the production of the strawberry crop. It slows down the growth of the strawberries when it is really cold. Usually when you have a green strawberry it can ripen in 3-5 days when it is warm. When it is cold it can take 5-12 for the same strawberry to ripen. So therefore you won’t have strawberries for a long time. So please be patient with us and hopefully we will get an abundant supply of red, ripe, delicious strawberries soon!

Farmer Kenny's first post

Tanaka Farms is a family owned farm in the heart of Irvine, CA. The farm is run by Glenn Tanaka aka “Farmer Tanaka” and myself Kenny Tanaka aka Farmer Kenny. We are 3rd and 4th generation Japanese Americans and 3rd and 4th generation farmers. Through this blog I hope you will learn a little bit about our farms history and also I’ll give you insight into the daily happenings on the farm.

So today I brought my daughter Kaylee (1 year old) out to the farm. She seems to have more of my genes. She likes to wake up early unlike my son Landon (2 years old) who likes to sleep in like my wife Christine Tanaka. Kaylee loves being out in the fresh air and loves strawberries! We don’t take too many days off here on the farm because when there are holidays like today we try to do activities on the farm so those are busy times for us. I hope everyone has a great Presidents day and hope to see you at the farm!

Kaylee eating Strawberry

Welcome to the Tanaka Farms Blog

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