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CSA Program 
“Community Supported Agriculture”

Support local farming and your family’s health!

Farm fresh produce and fruit delivered to your business, company site, school or church.

  • Promotes healthy eating habits.
  • A variety of local produce/fruits change with the seasons, educating subscribers with what grows on the farm during different seasons of the year.
  • Support for a local family farm and the local farm movement.

The Product:
1. A box of farm fresh produce/fruits using organic farming methods.  
2. The majority of the freshly picked produce is grown by Tanaka Farms located in
   Irvine. Produce/fruits will be supplemented from other organic farmers to provide a 
   good variety in each box.
3. Produce is delivered to a specific location either once a week or every other
    week where it is picked up by the subscriber.
4. Subscribers do not have a choice as to what they receive each week.

The Cost:
1. The cost to the subscriber is $30 for the large box and 
  $20 for the small box plus a delivery/processing fee of $3 per box
  for picking up at one of our many pick up locations.  The $3 is
  waived if you pick up directly at the farm.

2.    Home delivery/processing charge is $10 per box
       (Irvine Residences only).

How To Sign Up:
1. When you are ready to sign up, click here.
2. When you sign up, we use Farmigo, a web based system integrated with our                        website to help facilitate the order and record keeping for our CSA program.
3. You will first choose where you would like to pick up your CSA box from. Each                      location has a specific delivery day and time. Please be aware that there are many              pick-up sites that are closed to non-members or non-employees so please read the             comments for each pick-up site carefully.
4. Now choose the size box that you prefer and whether you would like every week                 pick-up, EOW A (every other week schedule A) or EOW B (every other week                        schedule A). Please note that not all pick-up sites may not offer all options! 
5. Check the summary to the right of the page to make sure that you have chosen the            correct pick-up site, the size box and the preferred pick-up schedule.
6. We offer only one payment plan, debit on delivery. Your credit card or bank account             will be charged for your order after each pick-up.
7. If you are a new member, register now or if you have an account, enter your e-mail
     and password.
8. Make sure to read our farm policies and once you click to agree to them you may                select to pay automaically by electronic check (bank to bank transfer) or                               automatically by credit card (Master Card or VISA).  Sorry we do not accept American Express.
9. That is it! You will receive a confirmation e-mail confirming your subscription!
10. To check your account, click here.
11. You can see all of your needed information and you can make changes:
- When your next pick up is
- Where, what day of the week and what time your next pick up is
- what you ordered
- past history
- Contact info
- directions to pick-up site
- put your subscription on hold (vacation)
12. Any CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS need to be made no later than four (4) days prior to your scheduled pick-up day.  Ex: no changes accepted after Friday midnight if your scheduled pick-up day is Tuesday.

How to Cancel Your Subscription:
1. If you are not satisfied with your CSA box or would like to cancel your subscription,
             email us at CSA@TanakaFarms.com or call Eileen or Shannon at
             (949) 653-2100 ext 201

Fundraising For Participating Schools: 
1. A portion from each box will be donated back to their school.

The Original Large CSA Box!

Introduce the entire family to the delicious benefits of sustainable farming with Tanaka Farms' original Large Size CSA Produce/Fruit Box.

The original Large Box has about nine to eleven different items usually containing five to seven types of vegetables and three four types of fruit, varying according to season and availability. An example of the contents in a typical Large Box:

Lettuce, Carrots, Corn, Celery,
Radish, Tomatoes, Green Beans,
Strawberries, Oranges, Peaches,

The cost is $30 per box plus a $3 delivery fee. This is a great healthy way to start eating right. 
Now available, the Small CSA Box!

Tanaka Farms now offers a new Small Size CSA Produce/Fruit Box in addition to the original size CSA Combo Box.

The small box contains about six to  eight different and delicious produce/fruit items, varying according to the season and availability. An example of the contents in a typical Small Box:                                

Lettuce, Corn, Carrots, Tomatoes,
Watermelon, Grapefruit, Avocados

The cost is $20 per box plus a $3 delivery fee. This is a great healthy way to start eating right. 
Tanaka Farms
For a printable flyer of general information, click here.

For a printable flyer about the small and large box options, click here.
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Our Subscribers:
  • To update your credit card information login to your account, click on  "welcome (your name)"  then "Manage Payments". Then enter your updated information.
  • Please remember to make changes or place your hold four (4) days prior to pick up date.
  • To place a Delivery Hold, login to your account, then click on "Delivery Hold", then fill in the dates.
  • To CANCEL your subscription please email us at:  csa@tanakafarms.com or call (949) 653-2100 ext. 201 

CSA Contact Info
Eileen Sagara, CSA Manager 
Shannon Braesch, CSA Deliveries
office (949) 653-2100 ext 201
e-mail: CSA@TanakaFarms.com
Eileen (949) 283-0511