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Join us on a 1 1/2 mile walk around a real working farm sampling fresh fruits and vegetables along the way. Also enjoy local entertainment, food and dessert while connecting with friends and relatives from across the southland.

It has been eight years since a 9.0 earthquake off the northern coast of Japan triggered a tsunami that washed away towns and fertile farmland. Taking the lives of an estimated 20,000, more than half of the victims were age 65 years or older. That is the average age of the typical farmer so many farmers instead of rebuilding have retired.

With your help, OCO and Tanaka Farms have been providing emotional and financial support to farms in the devastated area. Genta Takahashi, one of our four recipients of scholarships to Iwate University will be graduating this year along with Minori Goto. Hopefully they will enter into areas that will provide support to the Tohoku area.

This year we will also be looking at providing scholarships to students at Fukushima University which has started a program which is geared directly for the affected area.

We are also working with a young farmer, Yasuhito Naito, in Yamamoto-cho. This young man does not have roots in the damaged Sendai area but he went to volunteer to help clean up and was so moved that he wanted to move to the area and help rebuild. He quit his job in the city and went to Yamamoto-cho and became a farmer. He has now begun to train two new farmers who will hopefully be able to start their own farms. Walk the Farm will be supporting his efforts with quarterly donations over the next four years.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Walk the Farm and the farmers that we help!

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Check out this video from Last year’s event: