Frequently Asked Questions


What are your hours?

  • We are open every day throughout the year from 9am-5pm. Our hours may vary on holidays and we are generally closed for a short period in the winter, from mid-December through January. 

I'm coming to the farm for a tour or event; what should I wear?

  • We recommend you wear closed-toed shoes and clothes you don't mind getting dirty. This is a real, working farm, and you will likely get dirty in the fields.

I'm coming to the farm for a tour or event; can I bring my stroller or wagon?

  • Strollers are welcome at the farm - jogging type strollers are best due to the uneven dirt roads. Strollers can be parked at the tour area prior to boarding.  Wagons without brakes are discouraged as they can roll away and cause injury.

Is the farm handicap accessible?

  • To some extent, our farm is handicap accessible. When on tours, those in wheelchairs may find it difficult to fit their chair on the tractor. The tours are primarily seated, however, so everyone should be able to ride. If you are unable to leave your wheelchair, you may be able to ride in the wagon with your chair. Unfortunately, in the fields, wheelchairs are unable to fit between the rows. 

Are you organic?

  • We follow all responsible farming practices meaning food safety is our top priority.  We use organically approved materials in all our crops.  If a crop is in danger of failing, we may use a low grade synthetic material, but will not allow entry or harvesting from this area.  We do not hold an organic certification.

We want to go on a strawberry tour and we heard you can eat strawberries from the field. Are they safe to eat?

  • All of the produce eaten on tours is safe to eat. We strictly regulate when we spray crops and the amount of time between spraying and harvesting. 

Do you use pesticides?

  • Organic guidelines allow the use of approved materials. In addition, we may use stronger pesticides if a crop is in danger. See our Responsible Farming page to find out more. 

Is there a way to pick fruits or vegetables without doing a tour?

  • November through September, visitors are not permitted to enter the field without being a part of one of our tours. However, April through August, we have a U-Pick fruits and vegetable section in front of our stand, which is open daily to the public. Harvesting availability will vary based on the weather and other pickers. 

How often do you water? What are you doing to conserve water?

  • We water our vegetables once every 2-3 days, depending on the weather. At the farm, we use reclaimed water in our system, and drip irrigation instead of overhead watering. These processes allow us to use water efficiently and responsibly during this drought.