2019 Reservations are Now Closed for the Season.


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Book a Pumpkin Patch Field Trip Today!

Children (and Adults) Enjoy this Fun and Educational Fall Experience on a Real Working Farm!

The Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch tour has been a favorite of children and teachers for almost 20 years. Though we've grown larger, we still offer the same memorable experience year after year.  

What is the Pumpkin Patch Field Trip (often referred to as the Pumpkin Patch Tour?) The pumpkin patch is technically not a tour in terms of it being the guided tour experience of our strawberry and melon season.  This is a completely self-guided tour and you are given an itinerary of activities.  The complete itinerary takes about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on group size.  The package experience includes:

  • WAGON RIDE: Once everyone has been checked in and stickers put on, the first stop is the Wagon Ride! The wagons run continuously every 10 minutes or so and takes you around our 30 acre farm to see all the pumpkins and crops growing.

  • BARNYARD EDUCATIONAL EXHIBIT: When the wagon returns, the next stop is the Barnyard Educational Exhibit. There are goats, pigs, chickens, bunnies, alpacas, even an alpaca or 2 to pet. Make sure to supervise all children to take good care of the animal friends. Hand sanitizing stations are available outside the cages.

  • CORN MAZE: Right next to the Barnyard is the Corn Maze. Enter the maze and try to find your way to the center and back out. The maze is not too complicated for younger children but definitely makes you feel lost among the cornstalks!

  • U-PICK VEGGIES: After gathering your group out of the maze, head on over to the Vegetable Patch! A friendly Patch helper will pass out bags and tell you all about the vegetables and how to pick them. Each child can take home 4 of each kind of veggie - carrots, radishes, green onions, and cilantro. Included in $15 package only.

  • PUMPKIN PATCH: Last stop but certainly not least is picking a pumpkin! Walk on over the pumpkin patch to choose which pumpkin to take home. Flat one, tall one, skinny one...bumpy one? Orange, white, green? IMPORTANT: Each child must carry his/her own pumpkin through the Check Out tent AND it must weigh no more than 20 pounds. (Included in the $15 package only.)

Must have qualifying amount for group rate. Groups of under 10 people DO NOT need to make a reservation.

Pumpkin Patch Group Tour Pricing

The group rate provides a substantial discount over paying for each activity separately.  We firmly require that an advance reservation be made for any group rate tours.  At arrival, a single payment must be made for the whole group.  Groups arriving with less than the minimum number of guests must either pay the minimum group rate or revert to paying for each activity separately as per the general public prices.

Under Option 1, adults have the option of upgrading their $8.00 "chaperone" ticket to the $15.00 ticket to include picking vegetables and taking home a pumpkin. Please specify at Check-In how many adults are upgrading so that we can issue the right sticker.  

Under Option 2, ALL guests (adults & children) must pay the $15.00 rate).

Children 2 and under are free for admission, the wagon ride, and the petting zoo. Guest age 3 and over are considered "paying" guests to be counted towards the minimum.

Making a Reservation

Making a Reservation is Easy! Online, Email or Call!


Email: reservations@tanakafarms.com OR Call:  (949) 653-2100 ext. 204

Determine which date you'd like to come. Most field trips take place Monday through Friday. Popular field trip hours are between 9:30am and 12pm. Make sure to book early for a morning request. Our reservations agent can provide you with the available dates and times.  

When you are ready to book, you will be asked to provide your group name, contact information, estimated head count broken down by children and adults, and preferred date and time.  The head count should include all children, teachers, and parent chaperones. A firm head count is requested one week prior to your scheduled reservation. At time of check-in, adjustments will be made for any absences and you pay for the actual number of guests in attendance. We accept cash, credit/debit card, or business checks. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any form of CostCo credit card.

When you arrive:  Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation.  Time is needed to calculate your final payment, issue stickers, and provide you with tour information.  A greeter will be at the front to direct your group to an assigned holding tent while the group leader checks-in.  

Important:  A single payment is required for all groups!  Teachers and group leaders must collect payments ahead of time and present one payment for the whole group at Check-In.  Individual payments from group members cause delays and may be asked to pay the non-group rate in order to keep all groups on schedule. Paying separately will also require payment at non-group rates.

Once everyone in your group has their sticker on, you are ready to go!!  Pass through the Check-In tent to the pumpkin patch and follow signs to your first stop - the wagon ride!

At the end of your tour, you may use any of the available tents in the field as a snack/lunch area.  Tent use is on a first come, first served basis.  Wheelbarrows are available to transport lunches from your bus to the tent.

Thank you for giving Tanaka Farms the opportunity to provide a fun and memorable experience for your students and families.  Please tag us in your social media posts to share your experience with us and others.  Enjoy your visit with us!

Pre-Order Box Lunches

For Group Tours Only

The Tanaka Farms food crew is now offering groups the option of adding a boxed lunch to their field trip!  Ordering a pre-ordered boxed lunch is a convenient way to enjoy lunch after your field trip.  No need to lug lunches onto the bus or worry about lunch boxes left behind.  

There are 2 menu options: ($12 each)

Turkey Sandwich - Served with seasonal vegetable crudite and dip, seasonal fruit, bag of chips and a bottle of water.


Veggie Wrap - Served with seasonal vegetable crudite and dip, seasonal fruit, bag of chips and a bottle of water.

To order:  

  • Let the reservation agent know that you'd like to order the boxed lunch. Reservation must be at least 10 days ahead. Provide an estimated number of lunches needed.

  • Provide final head count no later than 48 hours before tour day.

  • Make payment at Check-In (along with payment for the tour tickets).

  • Boxed lunches will be ready for you at the end of your tour. Enjoy!

Reminders for teachers and group tour leaders:

  • As one of the requirements of the group rate: Please collect all payments ahead of time. An exact head count and a single payment for the whole group is required at Check-In! Cash, credit cards, and business checks are accepted. Individual payments from group members cause delays and may be asked to pay the non-group rate in order for us to keep all groups on schedule. TOURS LEAVE PROMPTLY!

  • In order to avoid disappointment and confusion at Check-Out, please communicate to your group the rules for taking home a pumpkin: Children must be able to carry their own pumpkin through the checkout tent AND the pumpkin must be under 20 pounds. Pumpkins can be weighed in the checkout area. If over 20 pounds, you have the option of paying for the difference or choosing another pumpkin.

Important Notices

REFUND POLICY: NO REFUNDS. *If the farm closes due to rain/weather all pre-paid parking passes will be refunded.

Public Drinking Water Is Not Available. Bring your own or bottled water is available for purchase at $2.00/bottle.

Dress Code: FOR YOUR SAFETY we recommend wearing comfortable shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. Please avoid wearing sandals/flip-flops, open-toed shoes, or high heels.

INSURANCE POLICY: In complying with insurance policies, and for your protection, PETS and WAGONS are prohibited.