Here at Tanaka Farms, we care about our visitors, our workers, and the environment. 

So we use all Responsible Growing Methods

What are "Responsible Growing Methods"?

At Tanaka Farms, your safety is our top priority. In everything we do, we make sure that we always follow U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards for safety. Whenever possible, we will use all organic growing methods, which includes practices such as crop rotation, companion farming, and the use of compost and organic fertilizers in our soil. We also make use of OMRI (Organic Materials Research Institute) approved pesticides, which is permitted under most organic licenses.

However, some deviation from organic practices may occur if one of our crops is in danger of failing due to an infestation or other natural occurrence. In these instances, we will use a low grade synthetic approved pesticide, but relatively low in environmental and biological toxicity. The EPA strongly regulates the use of these, or any, pesticides, and we will always follow their use restrictions and recommendations. In this way, we are able to protect you (our visitors), our workers, and the environment.