About Your Subscription:

We use Farmigo

A web based system integrated with our website to help facilitate the order and record keeping for our CSA program.

Choose where you would like to pick up your CSA box from

Each location has a specific delivery day and time. Please be aware that there are many pick-up sites that are closed to non-members or non-employees so please read the comments for each pick-up site carefully.

Choose a box size and how often you want your shipment

We have a large, small, or mini box to choose from, and pick-ups every week, EOW A (every other week schedule A), or EOW B (every other week schedule A). Please note that not all pick-up sites may offer all options! 

Check the summary *

To the right of the page, make sure that you have chosen the correct size box, pick-up site, and the preferred pick-up schedule.

Make sure to read our farm policies

Once you click to agree to them you may select to pay automatically by electronic check (bank to bank transfer) or automatically by credit card (Master Card, VISA, Discover).  Sorry we do not accept American Express.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail confirming your subscription!

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• When your next pick up is
• Where, what day of the week, and what time your next pick up is
• What you have ordered
• Order history
• Contact information
• Directions to pick-up site
• Put your subscription on hold (vacation)

* We offer only one payment plan, debit on delivery. Your credit card or bank account will be charged for your order after each pick-up.

How to Cancel Your Subscription:

If you are not satisfied with your CSA box or would like to cancel your subscription,email us at or call Eileen or Patty  at (949) 653-2100 ext 201

CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS need to be made no later than four (4) days prior to your scheduled pick-up day.  Ex: no changes accepted after Friday midnight if your scheduled pick-up day is Tuesday.

Questions? email

Important Notices

Public Drinking Water Is Not Available. Bring your own or bottled water is available for purchase at $2.00/bottle.

Dress Code: FOR YOUR SAFETY we recommend wearing comfortable shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. Please avoid wearing sandals/flip-flops, open-toed shoes, or high heels.

INSURANCE POLICY: In complying with insurance policies, and for your protection, PETS and WAGONS are prohibited.