Christmas Trees & Holiday Market

Opens Thanksgiving weekend

Our trees come in a variety of sizes, from tabletop (~3 ft.) all the way to 12 footers, and everything in between!


Find your special tree at Tanaka Farms this Christmas!

(All prices subject to change in 2017)

  • Trees are shipped to us from Oregon immediately after cutting.
  • Upon arrival, trees are given a fresh cut and immediately put in water and kept out of the sun.
  • We display trees upright on stands so you can see the true height and fullness that will fit your home.
  • Our friendly staff can show you the various trees available and answer any questions.
  • Once you choose your tree, our guys give it another fresh cut, wrap it in netting, and load it on to your vehicle for you, at no charge.
  • Additional services we provide:  
    • Delivery to Orange County:  $30 to $75 depending on distance and tree size.
    • Fire-retardant: $20 to $40 depending on tree size.
    • Flocking (heavy, medium, or light):  $30 to $70 depending on tree size.
    • Installing a tree stand:  Free with purchase of stand
    • Tree stands:  $10 to $40 each (can be re-used each year)  
  • Tree prices:
    • Douglas Fir:  $10 to $15 per foot
    • Grand Fir:  $15 to $25 per foot
    • Noble Fir & Nordman:  $25 to $50 per foot

Find all your holiday decorations here!

  • Wreaths
  • Poinsettias
  • Fresh Garlands
  • Holiday Banners & Flags
  • Tree & Lawn Ornaments