Serving Up Your Favorites with a Tanaka Twist

We are open EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY from 10am to 3 pm (weather permitting)

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HOT DOG AND CHIPS grilled hot dog on a bun served with a side of chips. toppings available on our condiment table $5

MINI CORN DOGS AND FRIES basket of mini corn dogs served with french fries  $5

CHICKEN FINGERS AND FRIES basket of chicken tenders served with a side of french fries  $5


CHURROS a classic deep fried treat coated in cinnamon and sugar $3

OUTSHINE FRUIT POPSICLES cool off with a cool real fruit popsicle  $3

TANAKA FARMS KETTLE CORN popped fresh daily right here on the farm!   $8, $12


STRAWBERRY LEMONADE $6  -  LEMONADE $5                    COLD BREW COFFEE $4 - SODAS $2 (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite)  SUN TEA $2  - CAPRI SUN $2 - BOTTLED WATER $2


SCARE CROW french fries topped with nacho cheese, carne asada, house made corn salsa, and cilantro lime sauce $11

FARM FRESH TANAKA SALAD farm fresh spinach, arugula, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes served with citrus agave dressing on the side  $10

CARNE ASADA NACHOS  tortilla chips topped with nacho cheese and carne asada served with jalapenos  $9

CARNE ASADA TACOS two carne asada tacos served on corn tortillas, served with your choice of pico de gallo or house made corn salsa $7

CHEESE NACHOS tortilla chips topped with nacho cheese served with jalapenos  $7

CORN-IN-A-BAG nacho cheese doritos or fiery cheetos served in a bag topped with fresh corn, cilantro mayo and parmesan cheese  $7

TANAKA TORNADO POTATOES spiral cut potato, lightly battered and deep fried served on a stick  $6

FARM ROASTED CORN farm fresh sweet corn roasted to perfection (add $1 for corn bar toppings)  $4

FRENCH FRIES deep fried to golden perfection $4

Tornado Potato.jpg

All items subject to seasonal availability. Please check in-person menu for additional items.